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Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
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Fan community for Marvel's Nick Fury

It was the 60's.

Who Is This Guy?

Nicholas J. Fury, clandestine operative and veteran of almost every major American conflict since World War II, has been punching bad guys in the face since before your parents were born. Long the director of the espionage agency SHIELD, Colonel (sometimes General) Fury is either the current holder of that position or currently out of work.

Sometimes he looks like Samuel L. Jackson and sometimes he more greatly resembles Dominic Purcell (yeah, IDEK). He has an eyepatch.

It's complicated.

About the Community

This community is open to Nick Fury-related discussions and fanworks of any kind. Nick Fury in any iteration, be that 616, Ultimates, Max or the current movie continuity, is welcomed and appreciated.

The Rules

  • Keep any spoilers -- including for the upcoming Avengers movie -- labelled and behind a cut. For help with cut-tags, check out LiveJournal's FAQ entry here.

  • Long posts like fic, large graphics (anything exceeding 400x400) and more than four icons should be kept behind a cut. No use killing people's f-lists, here.

  • This community is het, gen and slash friendly. When posting fic, include the ratings (and relevant warnings) in the header and specify the continuity you're using.

  • Keep it civil and at least tangentially on topic.

  • Tag your posts. The list is here, but if we've missed anything let us know.

  • David Hasselhoff was the best part of the movie Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD and don't you forget it.

  • You know that old saying "It's better to ask forgiveness than permission?" Yeah, not here. If you want to advertise a community or need clarification on the rules, please ask. Alternately, feel free to contact the moderator tartary_lamb by private message.

Don't yield, back SHIELD!