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News Update: The Reckoning

We’ve seen recently that Nick Fury is often used as an anchor, meant to mark Marvel's movies as part of a shared continuity.

As it turns out, this applies to the porn, too.

It's been announced that they just finished shooting Iron Man XXX: A Porn Parody and, like its mainstream, decidedly less smutty predecessor, the movie features a Nick Fury cameo.

Yes, they got the same… uh, actor as is expected to star in the Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody that I mentioned earlier.

The news release even proudly announces that there’s a tag after the credits.

I can't decide if I should be proud of their dedication or laughing my ass off right now. Thank god for multitasking.


In my searching, I turned up a photograph that professes to be Sam Jackson on the set of The Avengers. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t – it’s hard to tell, given that Nick Fury wears basically the same thing all the time. Gotta say, though; looking good for an old man.


So it turns out retracted Avengers casting spoilersCollapse )


Agent M over at Marvel.com has posted a couple of San Diego Comic Con 2011 cosplay photographs relevant to our interests. First, we have 616 Nick Fury, Sharon Carter and Captain America, then again in the company of the USO girls at the Marvel booth.

I actually saw the guy myself as I trawled the exhibit hall floor, but didn’t have a camera to take a picture. D’oh!


Speaking of SDCC, CBR has written a thorough article on Jim Steranko’s panel this year. There isn’t much of relevance to Nick, as he spent most of the panel talking about his childhood and his work on Red Tide, but nevertheless it makes for an interesting glimpse into the man’s background and creative process.


Last up, some concept artwork for The Avengers has been released, including this illustration of Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson.

If that's not enough for you, The Avengers teaser trailer is now available on YouTube in HD.

News Update: Because I Can

Okay, so not immediately relevant to our interests, but this is too cute not to share: Ultimate Spider-Man castingCollapse )


For the child (or the rabid collector) in all of us, Marvel has reached an agreement with Lego to release an Avengers movie line of toys. I’ll admit, I haven’t bought a Lego set since I was… well, eight, but the potential for a Lego helicarrier is almost too good to be true. And yes, you can expect Nick Fury (the movie version, anyway) to be included.


Rule 34 of the Rules of the Internet establishes that, if it exists, there is porn of it. To whit, Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody started shooting this month. Here are a couple of (thankfully worksafe) promo pictures of Nick Fury and Ms Marvel courtesy of Bleeding Cool News.


Huh. It looks like Cap’s squad in the recent Captain America movie was known as “The Invaders” all the way into post-production, until Joe Johnston’s teenage son christened them “The Howling Commandos” in a little on-set documentary he was making. The change makes sense – I mean, apart from the somewhat confusing Pinky Pinkerton/Captain Britain hybrid I never quite figured out, the entire squad consisted of Howlers and members of the Sgt. Fury supporting cast. Add to that the fact that not a man among them had superhuman abilities and it makes me wonder why they considered the name “Invaders” in the first place.


Okay, so Nick Fury’s recruitment drive for The Avengers is getting kind of desperate. Collegehumor.com broadens Fury’s recruitment pool to include The Social Network, Black Swan, Toy Story and more. “You’re crazy and have swan powers. I like that.”

This just in...

Anyone who's been following New Avengers recently knows a major subplot has involved Nick Fury (and his terrible, terrible Hawaiian shirts) recruiting a superhero team circa 1959.

Well, as it turns out Marvel has just announced Avengers: 1959, a five issue miniseries written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin that will continue those adventures.

Chaykin says, "I'm grabbing what feels like a brass ring here, with the opportunity to do an untold story of the lost years of the Marvel Universe. In a follow up to the sensational stuff laid out by Brian Bendis in New Avengers, we'll follow Nick Fury and his Avengers around the world as they track down and take down super powered survivors of the Third Reich--as their ever effort is countermanded by a mysterious agency with a dark agenda of its own.”

Nazi hunting, guys. Nazi hunting. There's more information (and art) at CBR here.


This post at iFanboy.com of the Best of the Week in Panels reminds me I need to buy Captain America #619. Chris Samnee (remember this one?) is probably my favourite comics artist right now.


Oh hey, for those of you with more general counter-espionage interests, shield_hq is now open for fanworks and discussion around S.H.I.E.L.D. and its agents. The community is heavily weighted toward the most recent films, but from their user information they'll take comic-based submissions as well.

Aurelia [userpic]
In from the cold...

I'd be lying if I said I haven't been distracted recently. In recent weeks, X-Men: First Class has pretty much eaten my brain. Heck, I'm even writing fic.

Why am I telling you this? Because it's set during World War II and if you think any X-Men: First Class fic I write set during that period is going to be anything other than "Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos fic... uh, with Erik Lehnsherr in there somewhere, idk, whatevs." you are sadly mistaken.

I'll post it when it's finished and you can all laugh at my fail.


Jon Favreau revealed recently an interview that The Avengers started as "just a joke" in Iron Man. Seems Samuel L. Jackson's post-credits appearance as Nick Fury was meant to be an Easter egg for comic book fans, not an early hint at the franchise to come.

That actually explains a lot, so far as I'm concerned. I'd often wondered why they decided to go the Ultimates route with Fury, given that the movie was, so far as any movie can be, pretty well grounded in 616. They probably just thought it would be funny.


Not much to see here, but it looks like Derek Luke has confirmed Gabe Jones's appearance in.... Read more...Collapse )


Alas, if you're attending San Diego Comic Con this year, don't expect to see Nick Fury -- or Samuel L. Jackson, anyway. He raises a reasonable point, though: “Look, everybody knows about it, everybody knows we’re doing it, everybody knows I’m Nick Fury. What else do I need to say about it other than it’s a big movie?!”

Oh, and on an unrelated, but deeply entertaining note, Samual L. Jackson reads "Go The Fuck to Sleep".

Just because.

News and notes.

Ed Brubaker recently sat down and talked about his Captain America #1. While he had a lot to say about the upcoming run, the takeaway here is that the mild spoilers for Captain America #1Collapse )


For the collectors out there, Sideshow recently revealed their new Nick Fury Comiquette! Looks like a great sculpt. It's sporting one heck of a price tag, unfortunately, but as somebody who already has a couple of Fury statues on her mantle I'll probably buy him anyway.

Self-restraint? What is this "self-restraint" of which you speak? I don't understand.


Nick Fury made #33 on IGN’s list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes. A solid accomplishment, though the comments speculating on who will take the #1 slot -- Batman? No, probably Batman. On second thought, I’m thinking Batman -- are, though irrelevant, kind of hilarious themselves.

Love is a battlefield

Nick Fury as Cupid.

Win. :D

DeviantArt #2: What The...?!

There are few who would disagree that DeviantART can be a strange, strange place. Having trawled through the archives, these are the strangest, most unexpected pieces of fanart I was able to find. Many are crossovers, all are awesome (and kind of terrifying).

Good times, good times.

Another News Update

And once again The Avengers movie landscape shifts beneath our feet. I’m currently hearing that, despite earlier reports to the contrary, filming won’t be stalled in the wake of the theft of Samuel L. Jackson’s Avengers script. Chris Helmsworth, who plays Thor, has gone on record as saying the stolen script was an old draft.

There’s been some hand-wringing that the theft may adversely impact Sam Jackson’s relationship with Marvel and the likelihood that he will appear in later movies. I’ll believe it when I see it.


To the surprise of no one, David Hasselhoff’s turn as Nick Fury in the TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has earned himself a spot on a Top 10 Worst Portrayed Comic Book Movie Characters. Personally, I still stand by the assessment that Hasselhoff was the best thing about that movie.

What I don’t dispute is that that isn’t saying very much.

Hasselhoff also earned a place on the top ten list I Spy With My Little Eye - 10 Brilliant Movie Eye Patches. Predictably, he shared his slot with Samuel L. Jackson. (Amusingly, that’s the second article I’ve seen about movie eyepatches recently. Further evidence that, like everyone else, entertainment bloggers are desperate for content. And yeah, Nick's on that one, too.)


Now that Secret Warriors is winding to a close, Jonathan Hickman has been tapped to write Ultimate Comics: Ultimates. Relevant to our interests? Possibly. Spoilers behind the cut.Collapse )


For those interested in Marvel’s Max Imprint version of Nick Fury, MTV Geek has an interesting interview with Garth Ennis that talks about his upcoming Fury title.

... uh, carry on!

Before there was Captain Kirk, there was Sgt. Fury

For your enjoyment- 30 Reasons to love Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos.. Also, here's Nick VS Tank. post.

Movie Updates, Part 2

Normally I'd let a little time pass before posting about the upcoming Marvel movies again, but this can't wait.

Remember that leaked script for The Avengers I mentioned last time? Not only have a few pages leaked, but they have actually halted production on the movie (realize, they've only been filming for a week) so that Joss Whedon will have time to rewrite the pages that have been made public. What I've read suggests they don't know when production is going to start back up again.

Oh snap.

Speaking of The Avengers, did any of you check out that linked promo photo and think spoilers behind the cutCollapse )

May 4, 2012 is too damn far away.

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