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Back during his Strange Tales run in the mid-1960s, Nick Fury's clothes included a flammable shirt that would explode when exposed to heat.

He was a smoker.

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News Update: The Revenge

Sure, it's shoddy quality (a scan from a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly), but this has to be shared: Photo of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury actually doing something. The gods be praised!

io9 included Nick Fury on their list of 10 Superheroes That You Didn't Know Had Superpowers. Their little blurb doesn't attribute his comparatively youthful appearance to anything in particular. Would a nod to the Infinity Serum have killed them?

EDIT: Hmm, looks like they've since revised their article. I still think it's silly, though.

CBR.com has posted preview pages for Howard Chaykin's upcoming Avengers 1959 #1. Looking good, man.

Because what's the world without rumors, a new teaser image suggests that Matt Fraction will be writing Fury as a member of the Defenders.


Thanks again for all the links! The Avengers 1959 is looking like it's going to be fun.

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