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News Update Lurches Back From The Dead

Okay, I do what I can to keep myself from buying every single piece of Nick Fury merchandise I find, but keeping myself away from this stuff? Is going to be a trial. Infinity Formula Cologne, people. Infinity Formula cologne.


After months of stellar reviews, it should be of little surprise that Jonathan Hickman's late lamented Secret Warriors earned a slot on The Gold Standard: Top 10 Marvel Books of 2011.


Remember that time Nick Fury was a raygun-wielding space baby? Courtesy of iFanboy.com's Weekly Sketch Up.


Speaking of The Avengers advertising, Marvel is bringing the social game Marvel: Avengers Alliance to Facebook. Will the chance to play my very own S.H.I.E.L.D. agent be enough to get me to log in occasionally? Time will tell, friends. Time will tell.

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